Version 2.1.1 UPDATE


MDT are now providing yet another massive update
based on the huge amount of input and feedback given through mails,
PMs and in various forums. MDT are very thankful for the extremely
supportive and helpful crowd surrounding the MISERY mod
– so thank you all.

Dear all MISERY trackers, players and followers!

We appreciate your feedback and supportive attitude – makes it all worth it!

IMPORTANT: All latest patches are implemented in MISERY 2.1.1
You can update any version of the MISERY mod with the 2.1.1 UPDATE.


NOTE: Future patches and updates may/may not do drastic changes
to the features listed below. Read known issues here
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- SSP-99 and SSP-99M now trigger the 'Pripyat passage' quest alongside the SEVA
- Anabiotics work properly now
- Disabled 'civilian zombies' from spawning as they tended to cause crashes
- Topol's squad and Noah are now immune to all damage types
- Deck of cards CTD fix (requires a new game)
- Additional optimization of textures to decrease memory usage
- Removed problematic unkillable Freedom guy
- All NPC types are slightly less resistant to bullets (especially lighter-armored ones)
- NPCs wearing iterations of SEVA suit now have 'base resistance' of light armors instead of medium ones
- NPCs base 'eye_range' set to 220m
- NPCs night vision have been nerfed significantly (especially lower ranks)
- Bloodsuckers appear further away from the player giving more time for reaction
- Water Plant now gets properly re-populated after finishing Notebook quest there
- Actor now bleeds much slower (bleeding lowers health at slower rate) but gets slightly more damage and bigger wounds both from mutants and bullets. Also wounds heal themselves at slower rate
- Fixed issues connected with health loss or regeneration depending on satiety level
- Recon now starts with camo Skorpion, sniper with decorated Mosin and assaulter with modernized STG-44
- Actor is now more resistant to explosions
- AKS and RPK74 are now aligned correctly to NPC backs
- Weapons are now much less prone to jamming (but degradation rates are the same)
- Most rifle ammo types are now more effective, especially in terms of armor-piercing
- After upgrading pistols to use a different caliber, all 3 ammo types of the new caliber are now supported
- Fixed an issue with weapons traders not wanting to buy back the TOZ34 'Alternate'
- SVU-A is no longer repaired by pistol repair kit
- Scope zoom tweak for M24 and TRG
- Iron sights and scope adjustments for many weapons
- Regular SVU rifle now has an attachable suppressor which is purchasable at traders, has new description etc.
- SVU-A (Nimble's version of SVU) has suppressor attached permanently and features an automatic fire mode (as in real life), Above comes at the cost of reduced range, muzzle velocity, accuracy and damage.
- TRG and M24 now deal more damage
- Gauss rifle now does a lot more damage and penetrates almost any material in game (including walls of buildings etc.)
- Added additional information to descriptions of 9x39 ammo types
- Fixed inefficient 3 burst upgrade of GSh-18
- Fixed CTD when you try to repair/upgrade SIG 220 rusty by the technicians
- Implemented new weapon: STEYR AUG A1
- NPCs can now have silencers installed on their SIG550 Snipers, TRGs and SVUs
- Slightly increased damage dealt by knives to NPCs
- Re-balanced tweaks to ammo types (AR ammo is less effective, sniper ammo is more effective but also more expensive
- Fix for the exploits when you trade/repair some weapons
- PFM-1  and IEDs now have shortest possible usage sequence
- Blast power tweak for unusable PFM-1
- New texture for the Nimble's SVU
- Balanced and implemented SSP-99M (green version of SSP)
- 'SSP Headgear Set' is now about 30% cheaper
- Re-balanced 'ergonomy' upgrades for various suits to prevent them from giving drug-like bonuses
- Nimble will sell CS suit properly
- Mutant part prices have been re-balanced among traders and all missing entries for new parts have been added
- Cat tail and all of mutant hands now has proper icon and mesh
- All 'unhealthy', 'toxic' and 'low quality' food and beverages lower actors health on usage
- Mechanics charge significantly more for repairs and give smaller discounts
- Factional squads now spawn more trade-only items in their loot (with exception of Mercs and Monolith as they were already spawning a lot)
- Beard now pays for ordered artifacts more than for those he buys of the player normally
- Full batteries now have short usage sequences and are kept with the player in case of QRS usage
- All artifacts modify the bleeding rates to much smaller degree (both positively and negatively)
- Fixed the property of all artifacts in containers to perfectly match raw artifacts for all classes
- Garik in Pripyat should now have infinite ammo and much money
- Dark Mode daily radiation is now significantly lower on cloudy and rainy days
- Blood decals on walls and floors are now smaller
- Enhanced description of Nemiroff vodka to inform that Cardan will only accept full bottles and why
- Added new map spot icons
Current status for translations of MISERY are the following.

Polish – Completed
Russian – Completed
French – Completed
German – Work in progress
Italian – Work in progress
Japanese – Work in progress

Many devoted people are working on translations for the MISERY mod.
You can track the status of respective translations in the MISERY Testing Lab.
Should you have an urge to support the MISERY mod, you can help us out
by doing the translation of our project into your mother tongue.
You are also most welcome to join a respective team
and provide assistance in your area of expertise.
Go to the Testing Lab

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