Version 2.1 UPDATE


MDT are now providing yet another massive update
based on the huge amount of input and feedback given through mails,
PMs and in various forums. MDT are very thankful for the extremely
supportive and helpful crowd surrounding the MISERY mod
– so thank you all.

Dear all MISERY trackers, players and followers!

We appreciate your patience and supportive attitude – makes it all worth it!

IMPORTANT: Patch 2.0.1 + Patch 2.0.2 are outdated and implemented in MISERY 2.1.
You can update any version of MISERY 2 (2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2)
with the 2.1 UPDATE.


NOTE: Future patches and updates may/may not do drastic changes
to the features listed below. Read known issues here
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Added unique NPC diaries and letters on all maps.
Implemented level changers between maps (manual traveling).
Psi-storms and Fallouts enabled.
Some mutants can now attack player at higher ground where he was safe before.
Greatly increased mutant awareness through bushes and branches.
Increased NPC melee fight effectivity versus mutants.
NPCs are sligthly more resistant to mutant attacks.
Izloms and civilian zombies added to the mod with high diversity (6 types).
Both specis are the most rare in the Zone.
Full overhaul of these including textures, sounds and behavior.
Hands can be cut from their corpses.
Increased AI reaction times (especially at medium and long distances).
NPCs now alert nearby friendly NPCs of enemy’s postion.
Time in with alert signal is issued is depended on distance to the enemy.
NPCs detection ranges, alert times and aim speed is depended on whether player has a Ghillie suit on him.
Shortened average smart_terrain stay time for all squad types (human and mutant) approx 3x.
Many more squads are now traveling instead of occupying static location at any given time.
Decreased base reaction times of AI by 50% (its especially noticable at close range).
Bloodsuckers are now hostile to Snorks.
Decreased the number of grenades in NPCs inventories.
Human NPCs now really spawn only once per 6 hours.
Noah now mentions that you need thermal resistance to venture with him
Most mutant species (with exception of Boars) got their panic chances slightly increased.
Dogs and Cats have slightly reduced auto-detection radius.
Prone stance (available for all USS classes)
If a NPC is hostile and has detected the player
or has been shot by the player and survived it will flag other nearby NPC’s in a
certain radius and of the same community to attack you.
This can be enabled/disabled and is on a 5 second timer and in a 20 metre radius
which is all configurable in ai_tweaks.ltx. Has not been tested for squads in safe
zones but it should in theory override the “is_enemy” function in combat_ignore.
This also has a domino effect as “word of mouth” gets around. Every NPC engaging
the player will have a chance to flag another nearby NPC to engage the player as well on a timer.


Camp radios play special playlists during surges (with static).
Psy aura audio range reduced by 20%.
Grenade toss sfx reduced.
New ambient background wind
Mutant sounds edited to better reflect distance
(volume start to rise from 1 meter intead of 10-15 as it was before)
All grenade/rocket explosion sounds edited to better reflect distance
(volume start to rise from 1 meter intead of 10-15 as it was before).
At close range the explosions edited to be louder.
Izloms are additionally much more quiter overally (they do not produce repetitive sounds).
Manual gear repair sounds updated.
Cooking equipments have proper sounds
Extended sound playing time for cooking equipments, weapon tool kits, sewing kits and armor/helmet repair kits.
Ghillie suit now longer plays gasmask breathing sounds when equipped


Current status for translations of MISERY are the following.
Polish- Available as localization option in version 2.1
Russian- Available as localization option in version 2.1
French - Available as localization option in version 2.1
German - Work in progress
Italian - Work in progress
Japanese - Work in progress

Many devoted people are working on translations for the MISERY mod.
You can track the status of respective translations in the MISERY Testing Lab.
Should you have an urge to support the MISERY mod, you can help us out
by doing the translation of our project into your mother tongue.
You are also most welcome to join a respective team
and provide assistance in your area of expertise.
Go to the Testing Lab


Economy got harsher due to fewer NPCs to farm on
Reduced appearance of full items and drugs in loot
Increased the odds for artifact appearance in anomalies and re-added the
‘game start artifacts’ to some anomalies
Fixed grenade trade exploit (Beard purchased them higher than Owl sold them)
Undamaged weapon attachements are now worth significantly more at traders
Remaining multi-usage items got their prices corrected
Traders now pay less for repair tools brought to them
Fixed wrong ammount of cash which Nimble asked for the ghillie suit
Rebalanced prices of multi-usage items: the more usages are left the more
beneficial it is to purchase the item (the more usages the cheaper the cost of single usage)
Stream-lined and corrected props in descriptions of multiple items
(especially connected with repairing,cooking and artifact handling.
All cooking fuels have values decreased by 50%
Actor starts with proper ammount of money now
Artifact containers are now 33% more expensive
Tremor now has proper trading inventory


All items which player begins the game with are now slightly damaged.
Pripyat tunnel can now be entered (and thus the quest can be pushed forward) also in a SSP suit.
Disabled spawning of old binoculars in loot
Medium and high caliber repair kits now have proper min condition value
Petruha now gives you fireball in lead container
If player does not have any detectors, Petruha now gives simple detector and some cash


New gaming mode: Rookie
(to welcome all the newcomers of the Stalker series who have requested this from us)

Full polish, russian and french translation available
Lots of gramma fixes and text updates.
Implemented mutant looting UI for all species
Fixed jupiter_sim_9 message spawn in log
Interface texts, icons and descriptions updates
Tweaked texts in PDA to better correspond with actual meaning
New graphical options in the main menu now have proper names
Increased contrast of majority of inventory icons
Added new description properties (dot) system for:
* all items related to cooking
* all items related to handling artifacts
New interface design for “arty handling” and “cooking”


Tons of small and large fixes released from Yasti, ddraig (Unoficial MISERY Patch) and other people – great thx for all your awesome contributions guys (please find readmes for projects in #misc dir of intallation package)

To name a few of the bug fixes:
- rebuilt save-corruption fix
- fixed dialogs.script to prevent crashes and missing surrender dialog lines
- xr_corpse_detection is fixed and will no crash any more
- hunter’s corpse should be in Tremor’s hut at the end of the quest
- game should no longer crash when talking with Kovalsky in Pripyat
- game should no longer crash because of the unclosed sleep UI dialog
- all cooking / repairing / artifact handling item usage sounds work properly now
- xr_corpse_detection is fixed and will no crash any more
- hunter’s corpse should be in Tremor’s hut at the end of the quest
- game should no longer crash when talking with Kovalsky in Pripyat
- game should no longer crash because of the unclosed sleep UI dialog
- diversified respawn timers between NPCs and mutants.
NPCs respawn much more rarely (every 6 hours) while mutants much more often (every 30 minutes). It is done through new smart_terrain.script from alundaio
- implemented new state_mgr_* scripts from alundaio which prevent an occasional endless anim_point loops and allows NPCs to turn around while moving
- fixed upgrade tree restrictions for all new weapons
- fixed crash with ‘jup_b25_stalker_commentator’ section missing (might require new game or restarting the quest)
- fixed blowouts
- fixed upgrade tree restrictions for weapons which got dedicated opgrade configs
- prevented the crash when trying to repair / upgrade SAKO 95
- Fixed crash when trying to talk to wounded neutral NPC
- Made all human-spawning smart_terrains properly progress in terms of types of squads and thus not overproduce squads in higher progression tiers
- Restored some vanilla entries for dialogs with Gonta after Chimera hunt in an attempt to fix the ctd when trying to get the reward from him (please test)
- Added additional infoportion restrictions to spawns in Pripyat
- Added all remaining special / quest NPCs to combat_ignore override list (so that they use vanilla ignoring scheme)
- Working QRS (Quick Release System)
- Pstor Corruption V2 implemented
- Misery Save Corruption Fix Epiphany Edition 16bit + 32bit
- fixed crash with meshes for empty containers not found
- fixed crash with ‘af_night_absorbation’ section not found (implemented Yasti’s Misc Fixes 4)
- Man of Balance Achievement Fix
- Dredge Station Tuna Mission Fix
- Ghillie AI tweaks (optional)
- NPC’s will ignore the player unless he is within 60% of eye range (90 metres for experienced NPC’s).
Standard NPC detection applies when a player is within that range.
- If a player is within that range and is detected by a NPC, it will no longer do a combat_ignore check for the NPC that detected the player unless that NPC has stopped engaging/searching for the player and has returned to idle
- If a player makes sound or shoots within hearing range of a NPC, the NPC will go into an alert state but not necessarily locate the player as the combat_ignore distance flag still applies.
- If a player shoots and hits a NPC then the player is considered to be detected by that NPC and it’s game on. NPC’s around the one shot will go into alert states as normal but won’t necessarily see the player as the combat_ignore distance check still applies to them
- NPC inertion times are halved if a player is wearing a ghillie. (configurable)
- If the NPC is attacking a player and he is in a ghillie, NPC’s aim time is doubled. (configurable)
- fixed crash when Tuna attempted to give Dredger artifact to Beard, author: Yasti
- updated trader optimization to script-based version, rather than config-based. All sold items are now immediately removed from the buyer’s inventory, author: Yasti
- implemented UNOFFICIAL CALL OF PRIPYAT PATCH, authors: Jurok, SWM Team (thx to ddraig & Unoficial MISERY Patch)
- anabiotics now work properly, author: ddraig (Unoficial MISERY Patch)


Gasmask HUD center line fixed
Implemented new sequence for looting mutant corpses:
* no more ‘looting on the run’ – movement is properly blocked and weapon properly lowered
* new set of randomized sound effects from Damjan
* unique camera effector
Slightly increased jump height for all classes (mostly for assaulter)
Camera when low crouch / prone stance are now proper for all classes (lowest for sniper)
Enhanced moon shafts added when the moon is out during night time.
Crosshair alpha channel pixel glitch fixed
Faulty knife texture fixed
New boar skins (both common and rare type)


New alternate SVD rifle profile added which has mountable scope
(this profile is also spawned on NPCs in various ammo / scope configurations)
3 FNFAL/CAL profiles added
All weapons use default PDM_disp_crouch params to fix to sway increasing when crouching
Added FNFAL ‘FALLEN’ to upgrade configs (thx to kv0)
OC33 now has proper silencer position
DESERT EAGLE now behaves properly for all classes (thx to kv0)
SKS will not crash any more and is always able to use silencer (thx to kv0)
FNFAL now has bigger zoom to match it’s scope’s description (thx to kv0)
RPK74 now can use scope (thx to kv0)
Vintorez purchased from Nimble now has proper settings
SVD and SVU now use PSOP reticule (instead of PSO-1)
all sniper rifles had their default zoom rates adjusted
PSU-1 scope now uses proper icon (merged in custom one from kv0)
FN FAL “Azzasin’s” is no longer available in trade
Made SAKO 95 much less prone to jamming (it is now slightly better then regular AK74 in this regard)
Added in ’16×9 scope fix’ from Chorbit
Decreased the volume and range of grenade launcher shooting sound
PU scopes ‘moist’ and ‘worn’ now have proper descriptions
RPK74 can no longer mound grenade launcher (thx to kv0)
MP5 ‘FRASIER’ uses proper silencer now (thx to kv0)
‘GROZA-1′ uses proper silencer now and is not called ‘Storm’ any more (thx to kv0)
Description of TRG now mentions silencer affinity (thx to kv0)
Slightly increased damage for SAIGA and removed its auto-fire mode
Decreased price for Mosin Nagant
Increased RPM of MOSSBERG by 110%
SAKO-95 now has upgrades to its perma scope
New FN FAL profiles in various attachement combinations now also spawn on NPCs (rank / faction depended)
Completely overhauled recoil system for all weapons. Generall principles:
* the shorter / lighter the weapon the lower recoil and auto penalty
* the heavier / longer the weapon the bigger recoil and auto penalty
* bullpup and shorter rifles have lower recoil generally but have more side recoil (kick less but are less predictable)
* longer weapons have more upward recoil but low side recoil (kick more but in more predictable way)
Class specialization now has much bigger impact on recoil
Recoil-related upgrades for all weapons have been tuned to match above changes perfectly (ie. ‘-10% recoil’ upgrade actually reduces it by this ammount)
High tier sniper ammo now does slightly more damage
Written new descriptions for FN FAL profiles
Added pre-installed upgrades to FN FAL profiles
All AP ammo types are now more accurate
AKS 74 ‘Cobra’ now has properly displayed name and description
Launched grenades and rockets are now more deadly (especially on direct hit)
Tweaked description of SP-5 and SP-6 ammos to reflect feedback from users (on top of proof-readed texts from Trikzter)


Upgrades which change weapon caliber also change silencer affinity (thx to kv0)
FN FAL ‘FALLEN’ now uses SIG550 upgrade scheme
Regular FN FAL now longer has 4x scope upgrade (thx to kv0)
SVD, SVU and VINTOREZ have much greater zoom after upgrade
All scope upgrades have been fixed to match descriptions and had their zoom rates adjusted
Reduced stutter and loading times
Optimized FPS with enhanced scripts and textures

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1 – Make sure you have uninstalled all other mods properly
2 – Extract the package to your hard drive
3 – Run the exe installer
4 – Run the Stalker-COP.exe (as admininstrator)
5 – Start a NEW GAME
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File size – 1.2 GB
Last update – March 20 2014
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