• Personal edits of gamedata

    Misery, as you know, is a mod, in other words a modification created by gamers for gamers. The basic need for mods stems from the fact that certain features in the vanilla games come as unsatisfactory, so modders strive to change them to make the game suit their preferences to a higher degree. And you don’t only mod a game, you can also mod a mod. And you can most certainly mod Misery. We are aware that some of the additions we’ve made are not to everyone’s taste, and you’re more than welcome to modify or even delete them. However, we can’t stress this enough, we are not responsible for any crashes you get from the game modified in this manner. If you’ve installed any unofficial addons or patches, report your problem to their author(s). If you’ve tweaked the files yourself, ask yourself what you might have done wrong. For this reason, if you have modified anything, don’t send us crash logs. Save yourself – and us, by the way – some time.

  • Crashes / CTD’s

    We are aware Misery is not without its problems, and we’re going to great lengths to make sure every one of them gets remedied. However, you can make this process much simpler for us. This will benefit you as well because the faster we identify what’s wrong, the faster we’ll get it fixed and the faster you’ll be able to enjoy being Miserified. So, if you really want to help us out, follow the guide given below:

    1. Find a crash log. If you are using the retail version on Win XP or Win 7 you will find it here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Call of Pripyat\logs
    2. Search for “FATAL ERROR” phrase.
    3. Copy/paste this part and send it to us along with an explanation of how/when the crash happened. Uploading your save would be a life-saver. You can send it all here: http://www.moddb.com/groups/misery-development-team or through the contact menu, or in our moddb forum in the bugs thread right here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-misery/forum/thread/bugs

    Bear in mind though that X-RAY Engine is quite known for hiccups and other various problems. It may happen that your crash is not our fault, but rather the engine’s. If your game crashed randomly or you’re getting “out of memory” crashes, it’s the indication that the game can’t cope with your settings, and that’s why we encourage you to lower them. This way you’ll not only be able to play sooner, but also we won’t be chasing ghosts and we’ll be able to deal with matters that require immediate attention. In other words, send us messages only if your crash is recurring.

  • Concept of Misery

    Inspired by movies like „The Road” and „I Am Legend” plus the game „Metro 2033”, we came up with the concept of “MISERY”. As such, Misery was meant to be a highly challenging game with a unique setting and atmosphere. Our goal was to throw the player into a miserable environment and give them only one objective: to survive. With only necessary resources in their possession and witnessing constant changes to the environment, not limited to the weather, the players would be forced to re-think their habits and get used to new demanding conditions.

  • Why Call of Pripyat?

    By the time CoP was released, SoC and CS already had several decent mods. Despite almost no visual and audio improvements, CoP brought several new and unique features. For that reason and due to the game’s potential, CoP seemed like a perfect choice for a basis for a mod.

  • Realism

    An overly realistic mod would simply would be no fun. Sure, you can argue that some of our design decisions were not particularly good, but we feel they make sense when interpreted in light of the game as a whole. For example, you’ve most certainly noticed that enemies you kill have very little ammo in their inventory and their weapons are in a quite low condition. You could call it “unrealistic” because this same enemy was just shooting at you and it didn’t seem like ammo was running out. However, this has a certain function: it makes for increased challenge not because enemies are bullet sponges (and they aren’t provided you take advantage of everything at your disposal), but because it forces the player to plan in advance and ponder whether the action they want to pursue is beneficial to them. We’d like players to behave like rational actors who take note of everything they do and do not mindlessly barge in guns blazing. It just would be against the idea behind the mod to make it “artificially” easier for people to advance in the game-world. We’re positive this feature does not make the mod unplayable, you just have to think harder and outside the box. And we have no qualms about forcing the player to do so.

  • Difficulty

    There are just different tastes. You may think that the mod is broken, that the features implemented make the game less fun or that it is simply unplayable for some other reason. That’s fine, and you’re more than welcome to “fix” the mod so that it suits your preferences. It’s a mod after all, and if you like some things we’ve done, we’re already happy for you. Moreover, you can always use them to make a mod of your dreams. But what you’re seeing is a mod of our dreams, and as we’ve always stressed it’s not for everyone. It’s intended for hard-core gamers who fancy having to deal with danger on a constant basis and for survivalists who want to feel alive by being always on the brink of death. And even among them there are bound to be different opinions. Nevertheless, we are sure that Misery can be extremely fun if you have the right attitude, and we’d like you to give the mod another try after a while.

  • Dying often

    Misery is an extremely demanding mod/game. If you’re used to playing video games where you constantly go in guns blazing, you’d best abandon this notion in Misery. Because Misery will be nearly unplayable if you play it like any other game. The basic idea behind Misery is that the player will be forced to reflect on their choices related to play-style, equipment and preparation. We don’t want to spoil things for you, since you should be learning things the hard way, but if you’re in need of some advice, here you go. Think twice before heading out; better still, think twice before doing anything. Constantly check your surroundings. Take only what’s necessary, and make a few stashes all over the game-world. Listen to what people have to say, it may save your life. Read all of the features we’ve described in the image section on moddb. Follow these rules, and your odds may increase, even if a little. In Misery, it’s only survival that matters. Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t bang your head against the wall: if you’re feeling like something is too hard for you, you should wait till you get better equipment.

  • Weapon profiles

    Misery 2.0 includes a conceptualized version of New Ordnance mod which provides S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with an abundance of various firearm models, but doesn’t stop there. It gives almost every weapon a number of profiles which determine not only the appearance of a weapon but also how it behaves (upgrading, weight, jamming, etc.). So, we’ve got:
    worn guns that degrade faster but are cheaper to buy and maintain and do not jam so often, modern guns that degrade slower but are more expensive to buy and maintain and are prone to jamming if their condition is low, standard guns that are basically a middle ground between worn and modern profiles, which means that they are cheaper than modern guns but more expensive than worn; the same applies to their other characteristics, customized guns that are meant to suit the needs of their owners, so nothing specific can be said of their attributes, special profiles, guns that are one of a kind.

    For example, your good old SIG-550 can be found in the following versions: worn, modern, standard, customized as well as commando and sniper (and the last two types – so called special profiles – constitute basically a new gun altogether).

  • Hunting un-profitable?

    What incentive does the player have to go searching for artifacts or slaying mutants?

    This shouldn’t be generalized because it’s simply not true that hunting mutants or artifacts is never profitable. However, we’ve made it so that these activities are not always profitable, and for this reason you should think whether what you do will pay off in the long run. For example, fleshes are quite durable and in order to kill them you’ll have to use some ammo, and ammo is expensive. On the other hand, after you kill a flesh, you can extract its eyes, cut off its meat and remove its skin with the aim of selling them. And we’d like to player to ask themselves: can I profit from this activity? Does the cost outweigh the benefits? If the answer is no, we encourage the player to refrain from killing everything in sight. Of course, we aren’t forcing anyone to do anything: if you fancy killing mutants just for the heck of it, you’re more than welcome to keep doing so. We just don’t provide a financial incentive for pursuing this specific activity. The same logic applies to artifacts.

  • Stealth mechanics

    We really wanted to provide the players with the opportunity to sneak and to stealth-kill enemies, and we think we’ve succeeded to some degree. X-Ray Engine isn’t exactly stealth-friendly, so you can’t expect miracles though. The problems stem from the fact that AI not only had to be made more challenging to make enemies tougher which also means that they can spot you from a very long distance but also every time you load the game the AI “re-enters” the game and thus does not remember the actions it previously performed. Given these limitations, we fell we’ve done quite a good job. So, flattery aside, let’s get to the mechanics. Like in all other games, in order to sneak you have to crouch and emit as little noise as possible. For this reason, it is advisable to use silenced weapons, pistols preferably, or knives. Recon should be considered a perfect assassin thanks to his knife-related perk that allows his knife attacks to bypass armor. It would also be a good idea to hide in the shadows and turn off your flashlight as the light makes it easier for enemies to spot you. We’ve also enabled this feature that enables you to drag bodies of downed enemies where no one can see them, and it’s generally recommended to do so. Unfortunately, stealth doesn’t work against mutants because they rely not only on sight but also on their sense of smell to locate potential prey.

  • Stamina design

    Stamina is one of the things that we’ve really thought over, but we can understand that it might seem a bit disorienting at first. This is because stamina in Misery 2.0 is not only class-oriented, but also its mechanics have been substantially tweaked. As far as classes are concerned, assaulter has the lowest base stamina, so he’ll be able to run only at short distances, but his strength allows him to carry most items, which means that his stamina regeneration will be least influenced by his carry weight out of all classes. Recon class is the direct opposite of assaulter: he has the greatest amount of stamina, but he’ll lose it the faster the more his backpack weighs. Sniper should be considered a perfect middle class as regards stamina, but with a little extra: one of his perks lets him regenerate stamina when he’s jogging (default speed), so in theory he’s capable of crossing the entire map without stopping. Ok, then, let’s talk mechanics. We’ve divided stamina regeneration into four categories. First is eating: you gotta fill your belly, and basically for running you’ll need calories that you get from food. Second, there’s equipment and the aforementioned carry weight. It’s governed by a simple principle: the more you carry the worse your stamina regeneration is. We feel the first two factors are quite self-explanatory, but the real challenge begins with the third one, which is drugs and other supplements. And the player should by all means use them since they’re the cheapest and most effective way of boosting your running capabilities. You should, however, take note of their side-effects and be prepared to take some punishment when the positive effects of drugs subside. In other words, if you want to maximize the benefits, you have to think forward and choose only items that are necessary in a given situation. Do remember though that due to engine limitations we weren’t able to make drug effects stackable, which means that the substance you consume last will be the only substance that influences your stamina regeneration. Fourthly and lastly, we have artifacts. Contrary to drugs, their effect is stackable and you’re able to carry two or even more stamina-boosting artifacts, thanks to which you’ll be able to run at almost infinitely long distances. This property comes at a price as artifacts are highly radioactive, and shouldn’t be overused.

  • Health and medicaments

    We’ve introduced quite a diversity of medicaments, and each one of them behaves in a slightly different way. And while it’s generally advisable to visit a medic if you’re suffering from radiation sickness or your health is low, medicaments can serve a variety of purposes depending on the result you want to attain. For example, if you’re short on cash you’ll have to rely on medkits, but they don’t heal you so much, take long to work and they’re not applied instantly, which makes them not suited for combat situations. And then, you’ve got stimpacks – they’re significantly more potent when it comes to their healing properties and they’re injected, which means that they can be used almost at any time. On the other hand, they induce sleepiness which can be counteracted by energy drinks or tobacco. So it’s all about balance and variety. No medicament will cure all of your ailments – read their descriptions and they’ll tell you what to use and when. You’ve got to weigh pros and cons of all medicaments before applying them so you’d better know your drugs.

  • Manual repair

    There are two types of repair items: repair kits that are required to perform repairs and other materials that can be used to make the repair process more effective. These are divided into categories based on the equipment they’re capable of repairing. Take “leather boots” as an example – the text after the orange dot says: “usable for medium armor repairs”, which means that is can be used only to repair medium armors. On the other hand, the kits are not only equipment-, but also condition-specific, for instance Hoppe’s “No. 9” cleaning solvent is suited solely for weapons (“COMPATIBILITY”) and solely if the weapons condition is not below 87% (“not usable below condition level”). Moreover, kits support only those repair materials that refer to the same equipment class, so you can’t use a handgun-specific kit with light armor-specific materials, only with handgun-specific materials. As far as the repair process itself is concerned, after using a repair kit a following interface will be displayed:


    Let’s take the image in the top-right corner. We can see here the kit we’re using (at the bottom), an item that we can repair with this kit (in the middle – a heavy overcoat) and a list of materials that the kit supports along with percentages of condition gained (at the top). We have to click on the item we want repaired and on the item we want to use in the repair process, and then we choose “Repair”. We’re done!

  • Anomaly concept

    Anomalies have been subject to extensive changes, and artifact hunting is now gear-dependent. This means that your survival in the proximity of anomalies is linked with the quality of suit you’re wearing, artifacts you have and drugs you’ve taken. You won’t live a second if you’re not prepared. We’re aware that we’ve diverged substantially from vanilla anomaly “minigame” in which you were throwing bolts in order to locate and avoid “mines” or areas of increased anomaly activity. Granted, “aura” (anomaly field) emitted by anomalies was strong enough to kill you after a while, but even taking it into account artifact hunting didn’t pose much of a challenge. And now it’s a different type of thing. Anomalies in Misery, be it fire, toxic or psy, possess so strong an aura that you’ll be fried in a matter of seconds if you’re not equipped properly. You can’t just “go” artifact hunting, you have to think beforehand, prepare yourself and be efficient about it. And that’s exactly the attitude we cherish.

  • Repair prices

    To explain the this aspect well we have to present our basic idea for the world in the game. Our plan was to create an original economy of the Zone, one which is at the same time inseparable and separate from the economy of neighboring areas where a wide-spread recession is raging. As is implied in the game and in the mod, relations with the outside world are limited, so importing – smuggling – any goods is quite problematic due to the cordons around the Zone. Repair requires – as is usually the case in the real world – spare parts, and spare parts don’t grow on trees nor do they appear out of thin air. They are obtained only by buying spare guns or by barter. Guns, as you all know, comprise a variety of elements, and one gun can be used to repair a lot of guns before it becomes scrap. That way, by buying one gun for spare parts and using it as repair material for a number of repairs, the technician will be able to profit in the long run. And if you want to have a firearm whose condition is below 50% repaired, the technician will be forced to use almost the entirety of spare materials to perform the repair. That’s why technicians are unwilling to repair highly damaged items. Add to this the workload required to restore an item to a top-notch condition, and you’ll get why technicians want you to pay such high amounts of money. In other words, to balance the potential loss they impose so high a cost. From the viewpoint of economy, it’s a win-win situation. For this reason, the player is encouraged to get rid of worn guns and buy a new one, or make use of repair kits and materials to perform the repair themselves.

  • Hostile Loners

    Neutrals and friendlies in Misery (as well as in real life) basically don’t like it when you point a gun at them. The fact that they attacked you means that you must have been running with your weapon out and accidentally turned in the direction of an NPC. So if you don’t fancy such situations, always have your shooter holstered when near friendlies or neutrals.

  • Headshots

    Sometimes an NPC can survive a direct headshot because of the overhauled armor/ammo system. What it means is that the resistance of NPCs is armor-dependent – the better armor an NPC has, the higher his resistance to firearm damage. It shouldn’t thus surprise you that even after taking ten bullets to the chest your foe is still standing – the damage you do is simply absorbed by armor. However, do note that AP (armor-penetrating) rounds are specifically designed to penetrate armor (hence the name) and you’re encouraged to use them when engaging heavily-armored human enemies who, by the way, may use AP rounds against you. It would also be a good idea to read descriptions of certain items. In case of armors, you have ‘ballistic protection’ which determines damage resistance, and in case of ammo ‘highest pierced armor class’ which will tell you whether this ammo type is suitable against an enemy with high-tier armor. In short, study the game and take your time, you’ll need it to get used to the mechanics.

  • FPS vs RPG

    There is no “correct” or “proper” way of playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. nor is there such a way in case of Misery. You’re free to choose the best manner of proceeding and it’s totally up to you whether you decide to do this or that. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an open-world game of sorts, and Misery does nothing to change that. What we’ve changed are the incentives given to players. Since S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is not an RPG and there’s no leveling, devs at GSC went for an equipment-based challenge, which means that some areas and activities will be too hard for you unless you gear up. Misery builds on this premise, but takes things a bit further: equipment (whatever its form, be it outfits, firearms or drugs) is vital for your survival and you shouldn’t forget we’ve included tons of things for you to take advantage of. We’ve planned it so that for example boss mutants like controllers are too hard an enemy for you if your psy-protection is poor or some areas like the Jupiter plant will be hell on earth without you using everything at your disposal. Otherwise, you’ll be just banging your head against the wall or counting on a stroke of luck to succeed, and we’re sure this is not “fun” in the dictionary of most people. Although this might be interpreted in a wrong way, we wanted to use frustration as a tool of progression. If something you do results in you dying constantly, it’s the indication that this course of action should be left for later until you find better equipment. Below you can find a general list of actions with certain requirements that will make it more easy for you to perform them:

    I. Hunting light mutants – impossible/hard until the player acquires shotgun/pistol with anti-tissue ammo

    II. Clearing light anomaly fields (radiation, electrical) – impossible/hard until the player acquires gasmask

    III. Clearing medium anomaly fields (acid) – impossible/hard until the player acquires SSP Headgear set (screen helmet) or artifacts boosting your anomaly protection

    IV. Hunting lower-ranked humans – impossible/hard until the player acquires at least light combat armor (for example, Sunrise Suit) and a number of armor-piercing rounds (other items such as painkillers or scopes may come in handy)

    V. Clearing heavy anomaly fields (fire) – impossible/hard until the player acquires SSP suit or SEVA suit

    VI. Hunting heavy/psi mutants – impossible/hard until player acquires explosive weapons, mines or a vast supply of anti-tissue ammo. For psy-mutants, you should equip protective outfits and have appropriate drugs at your disposal
    VII. Hunting high-ranked NPCs/doing heavy-combat quests/going to Pripyat – impossible/hard until the player acquires heavy combat armor and hi-tier customized rifle with AP ammo

    - – -

    As soon as you acquire proper gear, the once frustrating failures will turn into a fluent gameplay progression. Granted, with enough skill you’re able to do virtually anything, and we’re not saying killing a controller is impossible when the only thing you’ve got is your starting gear, it will be simply extremely hard.

  • Mini map

    Mini map removed for immersion purposes. Misery is intended for highly experienced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. players who know the maps quite well or for players that find “artificial” (we’ll come back to that) difficulty fun. We want our players to pay close attention to surroundings, and by disabling the minimap the player’s focus shifts from the HUD (which, as you can see, is as minimal as it gets) to the whole screen. Apart from the fact that it’s good for your brain cells, it allows us to create the atmosphere of danger so that the player never feels safe.

    Most experienced Stalker gamers already know the maps of Call of Pripyat well, making the minimap a dynamic irritation in the FPS visuals. That being said… Even if we didn’t know the maps well, I find the minimap a ‘babysitter of guidance’ that is already found in your PDA as it should be in real life.
    Without this constantly turning map you pay more attention to your surrounding, environment and the stunning visuals of Call of Pripyat. The overall navigation philosophy of immersion is actually explained quite well in Damjan’s blog here. We will not provide a minimap’ed version of the mod.

  • Manual magazine feeding

    Micromanagement of ammunition and magazines like many other actor actions are processed off-screen in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Misery already expands the aspect of equipment management by introducing unique features such as many new tradable items, armour attachments and artifact containers. If we were to implement an intricate system of manual magazines, we think this would entail breaking the balance of realism and a good gameflow by forcing the player to focus on time-consuming and tedious actions like magazine management.

  • Cooking meat

    Unfortunately, you can not cook mutant meat manually (yet).

    You can, however, sell raw mutant meat to the kitchens at Skadovsk and in Yanov,
    and buy it back as cooked meals which are more tasty and healthy than raw meat.

    Or you can eat raw mutant meat and suffer the consequences.

  • Black Road gamestart

    Black Road is a special hardcore gamestart mode determining your starting location as well as starting equipment. Namely, you begin the game with only a flashlight and a knife. Yeah, you’ve read it right: no armor, no gun, no money. So be prepared for some serious ass-beating.

  • Bedrolls / sleeping

    How this expanded feature works is actually quite simple.
    Just click “use”, and the bedroll will be unrolled on the ground.
    Then ‘use’ the opened sleeping bag on the ground and set your clock.

    In case you change your mind about the rest and click -cancel-
    the sleeping bag will be placed in your backpack automatically.

  • Flashlight / headlamp functionality?

    The vanilla magic lamp turned on/off with “o” is removed all together.
    You need a wind-up flashlight or a headlamp to have light.

    Flashlights are equipped as a detector and used with the “O” key per default.
    The wind-up flashlight does not drain your valuable UPD (power source).

    The headlamp can be equipped and used by pressing “L” key per default.
    You need a power source (UPD with batteries) to have the headlamp functioning.

    The headlamp is automatically unequipped if you utilize your flashlight instead.

    If you don’t have a headlamp you still see that “1-mili second of light flicker”
    when pressing “L”. This mini-bug may be adressed in future patch.

    There are two types of light sources now. The first one, hand-held flashlight, is activated by pressing “O” (by default), the same button you press when you want to take out the detector and it’s also activated in the same way as detector. It requires a free hand, so you can only use one-handed weaponry along with it. If this limitation is not to your liking, there is the second one: a headlamp. To use it, you have not only to buy it, but you’re also required to possess a power source (Universal Power Device with batteries) in your inventory. If you’ve bought it and have working UPD, just click “L” (by default) and you’re done. Remember though that headlamp drains energy, so use it with moderation as batteries are quite hard to come by. Also, FYI, the headlamp is automatically shut off if you use your flashlight.

  • Cooking meat

    You do not cook meat yourself.
    You can, however, sell raw mutant meat to the kitchens at Skadovsk and in Yanov,
    and buy it back as cooked meals which are more tasty and healthy than raw meat.

    You can eat the raw meat and then suffer the consequences.

    Maybe in a future update we will make this feature a player managed functionality.

  • AtmosFear “Unique”

    Core weather system is based on AtmosFear 3 but the mod features more than 35 altered horizons/skies textured specifically designed for this concept. Also weather behavior will be conceptualized (and not include radioactive fallout).

  • Custom maps

    MDT have considered using available custom map data assets since the very beginning of MISERY development.
    However, rebuilding or adding maps is a time-consuming venture and is not something we’re capable of doing for Misery version 2.0. For now, we have to concentrate on making the experience with Misery 2.0 as smooth as possible so that the players encounter no or few bugs.

  • Starting gear

    We generally approach a matter of loadout not in a way: ‘what would veteran military operative generally have with him on an extremely challenging mission?’ – as in that case I think Degtyarev should be send to Zone in exo with hi-end weapon and tons of cash etc. We rather approach it like this: ‘what would veteran military, who wanted to stay in-cognito and appear like an averege rookie take with him on an undercover mission?’. So even at the very core one has to realise that the Major purposely does not have the best equipment which army could equip him with. Instead he carries common weaponry of average condition to not attract any unwanted attention right from the start.

  • Game stutter

    The X-Ray engine has limitations. The game can’t cope with what’s going on in the scripts and with the textures and the like. To battle this issue, you can lower your game settings and shut down programs working in the background. Not much can be done about it aside from that. But the good news is we’re planning to release a LITE version of Misery 2.0 for lower-end machines. And we’re working on that as we speak.

  • Render R3 logs

    If having R3 related CTDs try switching to HDAO if playing in DX10 for now.
    - – -
    If the game crashes for you when trying to play the game on DX10/DX11 but works on static lighting, try to run the game in windowed mode. This may even allow you to play with max settings DX11/10 etc. To get rid of the borders, there is a program called Windowedborderlessgaming which can be found here: Forums.steampowered.com

    PC specs were as follows:
    i5 2500k
    8GB Ram
    Windows 7 64-bit

    CREDIT: Barbonly

  • Blue screen

    It’s caused by the mutants of the Zone. Mmutants possess deadly “auras” or psy-fields, so you should thread with caution when you see or hear any psy mutant (psy-dog, controller, poltergeist). It’s best you prepare yourself, equip psy-resistant equipment, and you can also take some drugs to decrease the damage of mutant auras. And above all be vigilant.

  • Multiplayer

    Mods in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. don’t work in multiplayer mode.
    You can still play CoP multiplayer but the mod does not influence this mode.

  • Render R3 logs

    If having R3 related CTDs try switching to HDAO if playing in DX10 for now.
    - – -
    If the game crashes for you when trying to play the game on DX10/DX11 but works on static lighting, try to run the game in windowed mode. This may even allow you to play with max settings DX11/10 etc. To get rid of the borders, there is a program called Windowedborderlessgaming which can be found here: Forums.steampowered.com

    PC specs were as follows:
    i5 2500k
    8GB Ram
    Windows 7 64-bit

    CREDIT: Barbonly

  • Data compability

    Your adding of another mod might overwrite usual gamedata files – but I might have scripted the mod to use alternative files in many cases – which leaves you with an unwanted result of merging or even constant crashes or bugs. Merging, altering or editing of the mod data is at own risk and will not be supported or guided by me. Correspondances of editing are welcome on the profile though.
    S.M.R.T.E.R. mod and Complete can not be merged with MISERY as they mod many similar aspects. MISERY is a complete game overhaul and so is Complete and SMRTER. So it doesn’t even make sense to want to merge them.

  • Steam version

    MISERY is compatible with the Steam version of Call of Pripyat.
    You just have to pay attention to installation process, and you’ll be fine.

  • System requirements

    64bit OS is recommend as the mod is very RAM-consuming with all the textures, models and misc assets.
    The things that are most RAM/FPS consuming are (in order of priority):
    - antialiasing,
    – shadows,
    – sun rays,
    – dynamic lightning.
    If you experience memory crashes or serious stutter/lag try, to lower the aforementioned options.

    If you have crashes, try this:
    1) Turn off background music,
    2) Disable enhanced lightning and use static lightning,
    3) Install the Texture Optimization package: Mediafire.com,
    4) Close all programs running in the background (Windows),
    5) Do not use quick saving/loading but only regular saves and loads.
    Note: Having Stalker companions corrupts your saves. For this reason, don’t save when you have them as allies.